Thursday, March 08, 2007

Merlin's Electro Jumping Bean Mix

Please download my new mix. It is amazing and yawl will love it! Did this one today for my trip to Mexico for my birthday weekend. Listen and enjoy! I know yawl will!

1. INXS "Need You Tonight" (Streetlab Mix)
2. The Kills "No Wow" (MSTRKRFT Mix)
3. Daft Punk "Da Funk" vs. Green Velvet "La La Land"
4. Justice "Waters Of Nazareth" (Justice Remix)
5. 120 Days "Come Out" (Le Castle Vania's Electric Disco Mix Extended)
6. Hellogoodbye "Here (In Your Arms)" (Young Americans Remix)
7. Holderman "Left Right Switch" (King Roc Remix)
8. Para One "Midnight Swim" (Surkin Remix)
9. Para One "Clubhoppn"
10. Surkin "Radio Fireworks" (Riot in Belgium Second Remix)
11. Tiga "Pleasure From The Bass" (12" Version)
12. Daft Punk "The Prime Time Of Your Life" (Para One Remix)
13. Teenage Bad Girl "Cocotte" (Boys Noise Rework)
14. Sex In Dallas "Digital Memory" (Aysam Remix)
15. Proxy "Destroy" (Riot In Belgium's Serious About Dance Edit)
16. Sex In Dallas "Forever Young" (Sharooz Remix)
17. Datarock "Fa-Fa-Fa" (Princess Superstar's New York Dirty Disco Rabbit Pearl Remix)
18. Daft Punk vs. Nicky Van She & Dangerous Dan "Around The World Again"
19. Robbie Williams "Never Touch That Switch" (Switch Remix)
20. Kaos "Cerebral Tremolo" (Brennan Green & Sal P Edit)
21. Goose "British Mode" (Jester Mix)
22. Kavinky "Testarossa Overdrive" (SebastiAn Remix)
23. Klanguage "Priceless Things" (Tacteel Remix)
24. Polysics "Ceolakanth Is Android" (MSTRKRFT Remix)
25. Simian Mobile Disco "Tits & Acid"
26. Digitalism "Zdarlight" (Discodrome Remix)
27. The Grid "Swamp Thing"




Blogger dave said...

Thanks for this really enjoyed cheers.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're like.. wow.. what can I say.. thank God for you. I've been looking for the Foo Fighters mix everywhere for the longest time.. and I found it here...I almost cried. haha... thank you.


10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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