Saturday, August 25, 2007


1) Great electro remix of an old school classic.

Benny Benassi vs. Public Enemy "Bring The Noise" (Pump-Kin Remix)

2) Another electro track with old school sampling. At 2 1/2 minutes, it yells at everyone to get their ass up and let's get ill.

Rob Boskamp vs. Fiero Del Pier "Get Your Ass Up"

3) By far my favorite remix of this new MIA track.

MIA "Boyz" (Rock Steady Drew Fight Remix)

4) Terrific Baltimore house remix of this famous 70's sitcom.

"Good Times Theme" (Rock Steady Drew B-More Club Mix)

5) I have this one on here for shits and giggles. New Timbaland tracked remixed with one of the biggest dance hits of 1999.

Timbaland "Way I Are" vs. Alice DJ "Better Off Alone"

6) One of the first Baltimore house remixes known to exit and very hard to find until now. Ha Ha!

Sisqo "Got To Get It" (B-More Mix)

Sisqo "Got To Get It" (B-More Club Mix Instrumental)

7) One of my favorite mash-ups and always a huge hit on the dancefloor.

Rick Springfield "Jessie's Girl" vs. Prince "When Doves Cry" (DJ Matt Hite Bootleg Remix)

8) Nice DFA remix of white guy 70's soul.

Boz Scaggs "Lowdown" (DFA Bootleg Edit)

9) Classic house remix from 1997. Use to pump this up in my SUV when it would play on the radio.

Run DMC "It's Like That" (Drop The Break Remix -Jason Nevin's Battle Blaster)


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