Monday, March 24, 2008


Yes, I know I have been gone for a while. A lot has been going on and everyone knows doing
a music blogs like this takes a lot of time.

I just had a birthday earlier this month and I took an amazing vacation to

Canyon de Guadalupe, Mexico for Fuente Eterno. This was my second time going.
Great dance music all night long, camping, hot springs, waterfalls and lots of
topless women. And also one hell of a Saturday afternoon pool party.

The week after that, I held my 4th Annual Birthday Bash at The Mountain Bar in

Chinatown. The theme was 80's aerobics. Lots of fun. I just wanted to thank
Rayne Chyld, Steffi V., DJ Paolo and Tony Plamondon for DJing. And upstais we
had two great bands in Cubicle and Stero Blue. The photobooth was a success as

well as you all will see below. I am going to post pictures from both events.

The next few weeks I will do my best to post here and there. I am so super busy.

Looking to change jobs so I can quit the awful one I have now. I miss the entertainment
biz and am trying to desparately to get back into it. Plus, I have gigs almost every

weekend until Coachella comes around. And, man, what a weekend that is going to be.

I hope to see some of you guys next week at The Mayan for Justice and then the next

night at The El Rey for Digitalism.

Until then, Holla Back!



Milli Vanelli "Girl You Know It's True"
(Titts Tape Jam Remix)

Metallica "Enter Sandman"
(Exit House Remix)

Oasis "Wonderwall" vs. LCD Soundsystem "Tribulations"

Journey "Don't Stop Believing" vs. Afrika Bamaataa "Planet Rock"
(A Plus D Remix)

Nine Inch Nails "Head Like A Hole"
(Passions Splatterhouse Remix)

Different Stroke Theme
(Derrick Carter Igloo Remix)

Sweet Pussy Pauline "Get The fuck Up"
(Stupid Fresh Remix)

Queen "Another One Bites The Dust" vs. Run DMC & Aerosmith "Walk This Way"
(House Remix Mash-Up)

Sheila E. "Glamorous Life"
(Nitecourts Sheila B. Edit)

Prince vs. Fedde Le Grand "Kiss Your Hands Up (4 Detroit)"
(DJ Holla Remix)

Tag Team "Whoomp! There It Is"
(Spinstyles Remix)




Anonymous Geos said...

Nice comeback and fresh collection of pictures make smile on my face! Cheers from Poland!

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for posting my remix!

6:42 PM  

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