Monday, November 24, 2008


1) This track came from an original disco track of a boys choir. Larry Levan remixed the song from Celestial Choir into a disco classic. Justice was inspired to produce "D.A.N.C.E." Now, this classic gets a whole new modern remix from Keedz.

Keedz "Stand On the Word"
Download Track

Keedz "Stand On the Word"
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2) I first heard these guys on BBC Radio One. Thank god for Sirius Radio! I thought it was MGMT but it is a pair from Australia. Great psychedelic disco. Can't wait for their first Los Angeles appearance.

Empire of the Sun "Walking On A Dream"
(Mobin Master Remix)
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Empire Of The Sun "We Are The People"
(Sam La More Remix)
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3) You may recognize this track from the Rhapsody commercial on television. I love this track and wish I could jump off a building into a giant floating bubble.

Kraak And Smaak "Squeeze Me"
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Kraak Ans Smaak "Squeez Me"
(The Trevor Loveys Skeezer Pleezer Mix)
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4) Love these dance rock guys. They just recently opened up for Lykke Li in Los Angeles and are going to perform at Spaceland on Sunday December 7. I already have my tickets. Just hope I am not too hungover from the AC/DC concert the night before.

Friendly Fires "Paris"
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Friendly Fires "Lovesick"
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5) I would like to end it with a fun guilty pleasure. You can't find the original track anywhere, except for some impersonator performing a cover of it on iTunes. Well, here is an electro remix of it. Enjoy. Have great timing and you could easily find yourself filling up the dancefloor in no time. Anticipate too soon, and people might take you seriously and leave the premises (for good).

Kid Rock All Summer Long
(Electro Revamp)
Download Track



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I am thankful that you have returned!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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