Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Please rate my short film. I really could use all of my reader's support. I know it has nothing to do with music and DJing but I really could use more ratings and comments for this short. Hell, lie if you have to. Thanks! Merlin



Blogger Untchble said...

Make sure to check out Merlin's film!!! Highly recommended!

8:50 PM  
Blogger Kurtis Rich said...

This short film is like an old school twilight zone joints. I enjoyed it though. I didn't really want to watch it at first because it was in black and white and it looked like something real old. But thats how you wanted your film to be like and I realized it was made in 1997. (Yea I watched it till the end of the credits)

This film had an isolated country side feel to it. I guess the characters in the movie don't want to deal with the outside world so they stay at their farm and raise families on their own. It kind of reminds me of that movie The Village. I'm assuming the girl wanted to someone from the outside world (a real doctor) to come and cure her sickness but the folks there prefer their own kind of medicine.

The title Milk works with everything in the film. The farm, the cows, and the baby. It also represents a mother wanting to nurture her child. That's why she wanted a cup of milk from that dude.

I didn't understand how the baby ended up in the coughin. My theory is that old lady buried the baby with her and her spirit went to that dude which led him to the grave to find the baby.

There you go.... my rambling thoughts.

Just something I thought I'd do to show my appreciation for your blog and awesome remixes.
Visit my blog sometime too I recently made one.

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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